Back in 1994, before every asshole in the world with access to a banjo and an acoustic guitar started proclaming themselves to be "outlaws," four hicks from Georgia turned up their amps to eleven and brought forth a mighty rumbling.  Weened on David Allan Coe, Porter Wagoner, rotgut whiskey, and cheap speed, they heard this sound and proclaimed it to be good.

For a decade, they battled it out in the punk clubs, beer joints, and stab-em-and-slab-em bars of the deep South - too country for punk, too punk for country.  Members of the illustrious Confederacy of Scum, they left a wake of singles, EPs, and full length recordings in their wake. After ten years of burning up the highways, fighting amongst themselves, and breaking hearts and guitar strings, they called it a day in 2004.

Then, like the mighty phoenix, the band resurrected itself in 2013 for a tour with their old comrades in ANTiSEEN.  The Dixie Dynamite tour saw the band in the best shape of its life, rocking like hell from one side of the US to the other.  Since then, they've recorded a live album, canned 6 new studio tracks, and played dozens of shows from West Texas to New York City.  The boys are back in town, indeed.

The Hughes-Perfect-Mayfield-King lineup has been rightly heralded as the ultimate incarnation of this finely tuned hillbilly death machine.  The upcoming year will see more shows in the US and abroad, more releases, and more middle finger fury.  They might be a little older and little grayer, but going softly into that good night they most definitely ain't...

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