Album Cover
One Take, Motherfuckers!
Released: Jul 21, 2014
Label: Zodiac Killer Records
Track Listing
1 Ass, Gas, or Grass
2 Trouble
3 Meatman
4 Liquored Up
5 Poor Man's Blues
6 Haulin' Ass
7 Hillbilly Motherfucker
8 Promised Land
9 Suicide
10 Polk Salad Annie
11 Carolina Shine
12 Pabst Blue Ribbon
13 Prison Tan
14 Up Against The Wall (Redneck Mother)
15 Great White Buffalo

Liner Notes

"This recording rolls like an 18 wheeler coming down the Rocky Mountains in 'Georgia Overdrive,' on the edge of control.  But these guys are in control.  You may think you are about to jack-knife at any moment, taking out a busload of tourists or something.  Do not fret, Hellstomper is at the wheel.  They got five gears, ain't none of 'em slow...and even when they take it down a gear, they are still kickin' ass!  I knew these cats years before I had grey hair, shared many a stage and dressing room with them...these are my brothers of the road.  Proud to know them, and pride is an emotion I try to control.  So enjoy this slab of tunes - and one word of caution:  If you are behind the wheel late at night while playing this, keep an eye on your speedometer.  'Officer, I was just jammin' to the new Hellstomper,' may be of little help."    - Joe Young (co-founder ANTiSEEN)

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