Album Cover
The Real Hillbilly Motherfucker
Released: Dec 1, 2003
Label: Steel Cage Records
Track Listing
1 Poor Man's Blues
2 Drunk In Alabama
3 Sumbitch
4 Cock Fightin' Saturday Night
5 Barroom Breakdown
6 If I'd Killed Her When I Met Her
7 Chicken Truck
8 Sweet Whiskey
9 Another Goddamn Drinkin' Song
10 The Legend of Wooley Swamp
11 Suicide
12 Hillbilly Motherfucker
13 Stank
14 Burnin' Love
15 Simple Man
16 Cock Fightin' Saturday Night (acoustic)
17 If I'd Killed Her When I Met Her (acoustic)
18 All Pilled Up (acoustic)
19 Pabst Blue Ribbon (acoustic)
20 Sweet Whiskey (acoustic)

Liner Notes

Expanded and remastered version of original release on Man's Ruin.

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