Album Cover
Are You From Dixie
Released: Jan 1, 2004
Label: D-Fens Records
Track Listing
1 Pabst Blue Ribbon
2 Suicide
3 Grandpa, Daddy & Me
4 Old Rattler
5 Son of the South
6 Root Hog Root
7 Only Hell
8 No Regrets
9 Are You From Dixie?
10 Grandpa, Daddy & Me (live)
11 Berkeley In a Box (live)
12 No Regrets (live)
13 Son of the South (live)
14 Back to Berkeley (single version)

Liner Notes

Full length reissue containing all tracks from Hellstomper/Before I Hang split CD, Hellstomper tracks and outtakes from Confederacy of Scum Supershow 1997 compilation CD, and single version of "Back To Berkeley."

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