Album Cover
Hillbilly Motherfucker
MR 181CD
Released: Jul 9, 1999
Label: Man's Ruin
Track Listing
1 Poor Man's Blues
2 Drunk In Alabama
3 Sumbitch
4 Cock Fightin' Saturday Nite
5 Barroom Breakdown
6 Chicken Truck
7 Sweet Whiskey
8 Another Goddamn Drinkin' Song
9 The Legend of Wooley Swamp
10 Suicide
11 Hillbilly Motherfucker
12 Stank
13 Burning Love
14 Simple Man

Liner Notes

CD is labeled MR 181 CD on inside booklet, but MR 191CD on spine.  Not sure of real catalog number.  Was supposed to also be released as an abbreviated 10" vinyl record.  Never happened, as label went belly up.  Later expanded, remastered, and repackaged in a far superior version by Steel Cage Records (The Real Hillbilly Motherfucker).

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