Album Cover
Hellbent for Dixie…and a Whole Lot More!
None Given
Released: Jan 1, 1999
Label: PTBI Records
Track Listing
1 G.D. Outlaw
2 Carolina Shine (Widowmaker version)
3 Hellbent For Dixie
4 If You Want Blood
5 Southern Giants Medley
6 Meatman
7 Ruby
8 The Race Is On
9 Pabst Blue Ribbon
10 Carolina Shine (original)
11 Back To Berkeley
12 Tennessee River
13 Prison Tan
14 All Pilled Up
15 Put Another Log On The Fire
16 Raped N Freezin'
17 Leeches and Losers
18 If I'd Killed Her When I Met Her
19 Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother
20 Rowdy Beer Drinkin' Night
21 Meatman (acoustic reprise)

Liner Notes

Expanded CD edition of 10" vinyl release, Hellbent For Dixie.  As an added bonus, we threw in tons of out-of-print 7" tracks, compilation tracks, and unreleased stuff.  Wasn't mastered and sound levels are all over the place.  Great packaging.  

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