Album Cover
Preachin' to the Choir
None Given
Released: Jan 1, 2002
Label: Self-Released
Track Listing
1 Haulin Ass
2 Man to Man
3 Stank
4 Who Do You Love
5 Son of the South
6 LaGrange Interlude
7 Sumbitch
8 Drunk in Alabama
9 Ramblin Man
10 Ass, Gas, or Grass
11 Suicide
12 Movin'
13 Prison Tan
14 Carolina Shine
15 Move It on Over
16 Thunderbird
17 South's Gonna Do It Again
18 Pabst Blue Ribbon

Liner Notes

Tour-only CD-R release.  Limited to 100 copies.  Each CD face signed by band.  Was slated to be released on vinyl by DSB Records in Germany; never came to fruition.

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